Lego Math

Learning With LEGOs for Preschoolers

Make learning math, literacy and STEM fun with these fun Learning With LEGOs ideas for preschoolers.

Learning with Legos for preschoolers - so many really fun ideas for learning literacy, STEM, and Lego math for kids of all ages #lego #preschool #prek

Learning With LEGOs

LEGOs are a must in our house. At any given moment you can find at least one child playing, creating, or building with LEGOs. My favorite part about that? They aren’t just playing, creating or building. They are LEARNING! They are strengthening important skills. Learning with LEGOs can include building fine motor skills, critical thinking, problem solving, measuring, math, and So. Much. More!

If you have LEGOs at home, you know that building is fun. These ideas take LEGO use to the next step!

Lego Math ideas for helping preschool and kindergarten age kids have fun practicing math

Lego Math

Learning with Lego makes practicing literacy fun for preschooelrs and kindergartners

Learning with Lego

Help kids learn literacy skills like their alphabet letters, phonics sounds, writing prompts and more with these ideas:

  • Journaling With LEGO: There are many times that my kids want to keep their LEGO creations forever. I’m sure yours are the same. That is not always possible, so journaling can not only keep these projects alive but help improve writing skills as well!
  • Build A Sentence with LEGO: Building a sentence is an important literacy skill and one that can easily be practiced with this LEGO game.
  • Lego All About Me Worksheet: Writing about ourselves is an easy way to start writing. This LEGO inspired printable is the perfect way to begin!
  • Beginning Sounds Matching LEGO Game: Practicing beginning sounds is an important step in learning to read.
  • LEGO Alphabet Mats: Let kids practice the ABCs easily with these alphabet mats!
  • Build Your Name With LEGO Duplo: What a better way for a child to practice the letters and order of letters in their name!
  • LEGO Alphabet Cards: These cards are perfect for practicing letter recognition and formation individually.

Lego Education makes STEM fun

Lego Education

Kids will have fun with these creative, hands-on STEM ideas:

  • Easy LEGO DIY Zipline: Ziplines are the epitome of adventure and they can easily be made with LEGOs and just a few supplies.
  • Lego Volcano Science Experiment: Kids love volcano experiments. The anticipation of the explosion is so exciting. Step up your volcano game with LEGOs!!
  • Lego Electricity Science Experiment: Kids will love this science experiment that will help them understand all about electric currents!
  • LEGO STEM Challenge Cards: These challenge cards are a great way to help kids with ideas of what to build or create a little more structured play!
  • DIY Fidget Spinner: A fidget spinner out of LEGOS! Such a fun project!
  • LEGO Water Activity: Dams are a crucial part of our water source and electricity. Plus they are super fun to watch. Create your own with LEGOS!
  • LEGO Cars That Actually Go: Making LEGO cars are actually fun but ones that move on their own are even more fun!!
  • Build A LEGO Rainbow: Rainbows are one of the most beautiful parts of science. With this you can create your own!

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