Learning the Alphabet

Make learning the alphabet fun with these clever activities and free alphabet printables. Our site has an ever growing number of free alphabet worksheets to make learning ABCs fun for preschoolers. Here are the types of resources you will find:

  • Alphabet Mats – The first step is to learn what alphabet letters look like and how to make them. We share ways to practice with fruit loops, playdough, duplo, stickers and more!
  • Letter Tracing –  Both NO PREP alphabet worksheets and reusable Write & Wipe printables to help children practice forming their  letters. Also in this section are mas to practice forming letters with Duplo, playdough, candy, and more.
  • Phonics Practice – Fun activities to help kids practice identifying the sound letters make. Y
  • Uppercase / Lowercase Letter Matching– Early learners will have fun practicing matching uppercase and lowercase letters with these fun activities.
  • Letter Recognition – Help kids practice distinguishing letters with these fun letter recognition activities.
  • Wallcards – Kids need to be able to easily reference letters when learning how to form letters. These free printable wall cards are a great tool for early learners.