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Pea Pod Fingerprint Craft for Young Children

Preschoolers will have fun making this super cute pea pod craft using their finger art! This fingerprint craft is sure to delight young children.

Preschoolers will have fun making this super cute pea pod craft using their finger art! This fingerprint craft is sure to delight young children. 

Fingerprint Craft

Using your fingers to create art is quite engaging for most children. Children love to feel the paint on their fingers. A little messy paint play provides a great sensory experience. Kids love to explore the pictures that result from applying the paint to paper! Fingerprint crafts are no exception. Moreover, fingerprint crafts provide a bit of nostalgia once the kiddos have grown. Grab the paint, yarn and paper and get a teeny bit messy. The children will love it!

cut green construction paper into pods

Easy Crafts for Preschoolers

  • Green construction paper
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Green paint
  • Small dowels or skewers
  • Yarn in various shades of green
  • White Glue

Grab your white paper and lay it flat. Use the white glue to create the dowel (or skewer) trellis for the peapods. Apply the glue in three straight lines starting from a point at the top of the paper. Lay the dowels atop the glue. Next use the glue to create pea vines. Simply, squeeze the glue bottle over the trellis, creating curvy lines of glue going up and down the trellis. Add the various shades of green yarn to the glue.

peapod garden craft for summer

Pea Pod Craft for Kids

Fold the green paper over itself about .5 inches. Use this folded piece to cut out the peapods. You will need to cut the peapods proportionally to your child’s finger.  Make sure there is plenty of space to add the “peas”.

Pea Pod Craft for Kids

Open each pod and lay them out for your child to apply their fingerprint peas. Have each child dip their finger in paint (just a little with do) and press down on the peapod. You can add several peas to one pod!

Easy Crafts for Preschoolers

Once the fingerprint peas have dried, glue the pods to the vines. To do so, add a little blob of glue near the yarn and apply the pod, one side down. Gluing the pods in this manner will allow the pod to look closed. You and your kids will have fun opening the pods to see the tiny fingerprints peas inside.

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