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Number Sense Puzzles For 1-5

Preschoolers will have fun learning about number sense with these low prep, FREE Printable Number Sense Puzzles.

Preschoolers will have fun learning about number sense with these low prep, FREE Printable Number Sense Puzzles. #numbersense #preschoolmath #countingactivity

Number Sense

Number sense is ability to and flexibility to understand how numbers work and how they are applied in different situations. For instance, tally marks versus the number words or the number versus a ten frame. All of these things help contribute to a child understanding number sense. This number sense puzzle is the perfect way to combine some of these elements into one! 

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Number Sense Puzzles

We included 5 different number sense elements to for each number, 1-5, of this puzzle. We included: 

  • Number
  • Number Word
  • Counting Fingers
  • Tally Marks
  • Dots On Ten Frame 

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Counting to 5

These puzzles can easily be prepped in just a few minutes and onto playing you’ll go.

You’ll only need a few supplies in order to prep this activity: 

  • Scissors
  • Printer & Paper
  • Laminator (Optional)
  • Magnets and/or Velcro (Optional) 

The first thing to do is print off the puzzle sheets. Each page is a different number puzzle. They are rectangle, though, so they can be put together if desired. 

The next step is to cut each peice out separately. If you would like to laminate the puzzle pieces, this would be the time to do that. 

preshchool counting

Preschool Number Sense

You can easily play with each puzzle individually, eespecially at first. Children who are just being introduced to numbers could benefit from doing each number on it’s own.

For more of a challenge, you could mix all the pieces up together. The child would then need to separate the pieces before putting the puzzles together. This will also help strengthen sorting skills. 

counting to 5

Another good idea would be to put velcro or magnets on the back of each puzzle piece. The magnets could then be used on a fridge, cookie sheet or dry erase board. The velcro could be used on a puzzle mat with velcro attached. This can be especially helpful for younger children! 

teen number sense number sense roll and cover Pumpkin Pie Number Sense Puzzles

Number Sense Activites

Looking for more fun, hands on and FREE Number Sense Activties to make learning fun for prek and kindergarten age kids? You will love these resources:

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Preschool Math

Looking for more fun preschool math activities to work on counting? Try these FREE printable activities:

number sense

Download Number Sense Puzzles

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