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Ice Cream Task Cards for Preschool Math

These Ice Cream Task Cards for Preschool Math help introduce preschoolers to the concept of addition while having fun with playdough!

FREE Ice Cream Addition Task Cards for Preschool Math - this is such a fun, hands on math activity for preschoolers to practice basic addition within 10 using playdough for summer learning #playdough #addition #preschool

Ice Cream Task Cards for Preschool Math

These free printable addition cards are such a fun way to introduce the concept of adding to things in a gentle, hands on activity perfect for preschool math and kindergarten math! This activity can be done with playdough or using large pom poms!

Introduce preschool addition with this hands on ice cream addition activity using playdough

Preschool Hands-on Math Activities

This activity is a gentle introduction to preschool addition with a hands on ice cream addition activity using playdough! There are lots of extensions depending on your child’s age and interest.

Basically students will use the ice cream cone addition mat as a base to add their playdough ice cream scoops. Then preschoolers will look at one of the ice cream task cards to see what to scoop on the cone. This example shows 1 brown scoop and 1 pink scoop. Students will roll balls of playdough to represent each scoop and stack them on the cone.

Make this activity extra educational by narrating what they are doing using math terms. You have 1 chocolate scoop and are adding 1 strawberry scoop. Now you have 2 scoops altogether. Then pointing the scoops say 1 plus 1 equals 2. You have 2 scoops of ice cream on your cone. Pretty soon your young learner will start carrying on their own narrative using the new vocabulary you have given them.

This preschool summer learning activity makes math fun with a hands on ice cream addition activity.

Preschool Addition

For older preschoolers or kindergartners completing this math activity you can choose to use the simple ice cream task cards or the task cards that show the addition math equation on the side.This preschool summer learning activity makes math fun with a hands on ice cream addition activity.

Extension Activity: 

  • Use the simple addition cards and then once they’ve completed the hands-on activity see if they can find the equation task card that matches their problem
  • Set out the ice cream cone and playdough balls while narrating the equations. Now have students figure out what task card matches the activity.
  • Have students play a matching game to put together the pair of task cards that set out the same equation.

Ice Cream Addition Task Cards Ice Cream Pattern Cards

Ice Cream Printables

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This preschool handson math activity has an addition playdough mat and two different type of task cards to practice addition within 10.

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