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Robots & Gears Counting Activities for Preschoolers

number activities for preschoolers
Written by Yara

Kids will have fun practicing counting to 20 with this clever, hands-on and FREE Robots & Gears Counting Activities for Preschoolers.

FREE Robots & Gears Counting Activities for Preschoolers - this fun, hands on counting game for preschool and kindergarten age kids perfect for a robot theme and preschool math #preschool #countingactivities #countingprintable

Counting Activities for Preschoolers

Looking for a fun way to get kids to count and show their numbers? These robot themed counting strips are perfect for that! Learners will use gears or building snowflakes, and then match the colours of the gears with the colours shown on the strip, then build the robot!

To prepare:

  • A4 paper
  • Building gears
  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Scissors

Print as many strip templates as you need for the number of students in your class. (Simply scroll to the bottom of the post and click on the text link. Then click on >> Download << to open and print the pdf file.) These cards can be laminated for durability but it is not necessary. You can differentiate these strips and use numbers up to 5 with some of your learners depending on their level.

number activities for preschoolers

Robot Activities

Prepare and cut up the ‘robot gears’ you can place these in a mini tub along with robot gears. There are also black and white options. Be sure to have enough gears and strips. The students will then choose a strip, then find the matching coloured gears and build the robot to match the strip. They read the number on each strip of course before they begin matching and building. Watch the students as they do this – I like that this doubles as a colour matching activity. I got kids as young as 2 to simply match the coloured gears onto the strips before they began building them. Some kids will begin building their robots right away – that’s ok too. Just be sure they are doing this correctly. The gears you purchase can be used to connect and build just make sure that you buy the right ones that can do this too.

This is not only a great counting activity, it is also great way to work on one to one correspondence.

preschool math

Number Activities for Preschoolers

These tasks can easily be differentiated with your learners. So have the younger kids work on placing the matching coloured gears onto the strips and the more advanced learners working on their counting skills on each strip.

This activity is hands-on and perfect for kids to use when they need a refresher or some more counting games and activities. Kids will love counting and building using gears.

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Preschool Math

Looking for even more fun, hands on math activities for preschoolers? You will love these free printables for prek students:


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