Counting Math

Pizza Topping Counting Activity

Make learning math FUN with this Pizza Topping Counting Activity! This pizza themed math activity is perfect for preschool and kindergarten.

Pizza Topping Counting Activity - this is such a fun, hands-on preschool math activity to practice counting to 10 #counting #preschool #preschoolmath


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Counting Activity

This Pizza Topping Counting Activity is great for younger kids and even toddlers. It’s colorful and attracting making them focus on the activity without getting bored quick. The different toppings are super fun! Try counting out loud, naming the numbers as well as the toppings and let the child repeat for an interactive game.

paper plate activity

Paper Plate Activity

For this activity you’ll need:

  • Paper plate
  • Colored permanent marker
  • Beige Crayon
  • Cardstock (assorted colors)
  • Craft Scissors


Using the red permanent marker, draw straight lines to create 4-8 sections on the paper plate (you can make as many sections as you want, but keep in mind that your toppings will need to be made smaller).

preschool counting activity with a fun pizza theme

Next, using different permanent marker colors, number each section. Using the beige crayon color the rigid part of the paper plate all around to create more of a pizza look, the crust!


Now it’s time to make your toppings! You can do tomatoes using red cardstock, peppers using green cardstock, mushrooms using brown cardstock, broccoli using dark green cardstock and onion using purple cardstock.


Using the colored pencils first draw then cut out the veggies using scissors. Pictures don’t need to be perfect or professionally drawn!

preschool math

Preschool Math

Now it’s time for some counting fun! Lay out all of the varieties of veggies for the child to see as well as the paper plate pizza. Help the child count the toppings and place them over the correct spot on the pizza!

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