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Sticker and Clothespin Counting Activity

Preschoolers are going to love this Clothespin Board Counting Activity. An easy-to-make recycled idea and a great homemade learning tool kids are going to want to use over and over again.


Sticker and Clothespin Counting Activity - this is such a fun homemade math activity for toddler and preschool count to 10. #preschool #counting #mathactivity

Sticker and Clothespin Counting Activity

If you have preschoolers at home you’ll love this Clothespin Counting Board! It’s an easy and inexpensive activity to set up. You’ll be impressed to see how many important areas of development your child will be working on.

Cognitive skills is the primary area of development a preschooler will be improving when doing this counting board. They’re using their brains! Thinking, analyzing and counting the flowers, matching up the clothespin with the correct number and of course memorizing the number digits visually.

Fine motor skills and hand eye-coordination are also improved in this activity. The child must pinch the clothespin with their thumb and pointer finger and clip it onto the board to the correct spot. This step takes effort, especially with younger children.

Lastly, this activity is great for improving focus and concentration skills. When kid’s are counting, or learning in general, their brains are working hard and they’re exercising their ability to concentrate and focus!

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Super easy, DIY preschool math activity

Preschool Math


This preschool math activity is super simple and easy to make. All you need to do this activity you’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Flower Stickers
  • Permanent Marker
  • Mini Clothespins
  • Craft Knife + mat
  • Lid (6-8″ in diameter)
  • Ruler

cut cardboard piece into a circle


Start by tracing the lid onto the cardboard using the permanent marker. Cut out on the mat using the craft knife.


Use a ruler to make 8-10 even pieces

Next, using the ruler, divide the circle into 4-10 sections (depending on the child’s’ age and ability to count up to higher numbers), like a pizza. We did 8 sections.


Use any stickers you have on hand and affix them to each slice. so each slice has from 1-10 stickers

Now, stick the flower stickers into each section (starting with one flower in one section and going up in count per each section). You can mix up the counts or you can go in a circle.


Finally, write numbers on each of the clothespins

For the clothespins all you have to do is label each one with a corresponding number.

Students will now count the stickers and clip the clothespin with the corresponding number on that piece. Continue until all the clothespins have been attached to the counting board.


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