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FREE Construction Sight Word Game

This super cute, free printable Construction Sight Word Game is such a fun way for preschoolers to practice pre K sight words while having fun!

FREE Construction Sight Word Game - kids will have fun practicing preschool sight words with this fun, free printable game for prek, kindergarten, and preschoolers! #sightwords #preschool #prek

Sight Word Games

Lots of practice is the key to developing reading fluency! And knowing preschool sight words backwards and forwards is the key to helping kids be confident reading these common words. This LOW PREP, free printable preschool game will help kids practice.

Super cute construction printables for toddler, preschool, kindergarten to play pretend with tools and a tool box.

Start out by printing the 2-page game board and 2 pages of tools in color. I suggest printing in cardstock or laminating for durability.

HINT: You will need a set of tools for each player.

Super cute printable tools are great for creative play for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten. They fit perfectly in their hands and the toolbox.

Cut out the tools and tool box. Again, I suggest laminating or printing on cardstock for durability.

These super cute printable tools are also great for creative play with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. They fit perfectly in their hands and the toolbox.

Super cute construction themed sight word games for preschool and kindergarten

Preschool Sight Words

Take the two pages that make up the sight word game and tape them together on the back to make one large preschool game. grab your favorite manipulative to use as game pieces. We opted to use construction trucks – it added to the fun! Now you are ready for some fun, educational game time.

Kids will move their game piece around the board reading preschool sight words as they gather tools for their toolbox.

Pre K Sight Words

This game can be played by yourself or with up to 4 people (just remember you need one set of tools per player).  Roll the dice and move your player the number of spaces your rolled. As you move your student must read the word on each yellow / orange space they land on. If they cannot read the word they stop there.

The next player takes their turn and play continues clockwise.

Super cute and FREE sight words printable for construction theme

Sight Words Printable

As students take their turn going around the sight words printable game board every time they pass through a blue toolbox they get to pick a tool to add to their toolbox (it starts out empty).

There are 2 blocked road spots. If students land here they have to go back to start. That must means they get more practice reviewing sight words and more opportunities to get additional tools!

When students have gone through the entire construction sight word game students count their tools. The student with the most tools wins, althought really they are all winners because they had fun practicing pre k sight words!

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Construction activities for kids

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Crazy Roads Pre k sight words game FREE Construction Sight Word Game - kids will have fun practicing preschool sight words with this fun, free printable game for prek, kindergarten, and preschoolers! #sightwords #preschool #prek

Preschool Sight Words

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super cute, free printable, construction theme educational game to help preschoolers practice sight words

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