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Spring Flower & Rain Letter Match

FREE Spring Flower Pot & Rain Drop Letter Match is a fun letter recognition activity to help preschool and kindergarten age kids practice matching upper and lowercase letters with a fun spring alphabet game!

FREE Spring Flower Pot & Rain Drop Letter Match - this is such a fun letter recognition activity to help preschool and kindergarten age kids practice matching upper and lowercase letters with a fun spring alphabet game! #preschool #alphabet #letterrecognition

The phrase is common but it’s one that rings true at the same time. April Showers Bring May Flowers. Yes they do. Spring rain is sometimes so refreshing and relaxing even. It feels like it’s nature’s way of cleansing the earth of winter and making way for summer!! I don’t necessarily love super hot temperatures or humidity, but I do love sunshine. That being said, I can handle April showers because they bring May flowers!! This letter matching activity is themed with just that, flowers & rain!

Spring Flower & Rain Letter Match

Identifying and recognizing letters, both upper and lowercase is an important part of children beginning to learn to read. Without this core knowledge, it is impossible for reading to sprout. (Like what I did there?)

This letter match game is the perfect way to help kids match up upper and lowercase letters. This is a super fun and engaging activity, one that kids will actually ASK to play!

spring letter recognition games

Letter Recognition Games

Here are the materials needed to play this spring letter recognition game!

  • Paper & Printer
  • Laminator
  • Scissors
  • Velcro (Optional)

Spring themed preschool alphabet activities

Preschool Alphabet Activities

It is very simple, really. There are 5 different flower pot mats to choose from. They are the same, just with different color flowers.

The next set of pages is multiple of each lowercase letter inside a raindrop. These are what you can place on the flower pot mat, if it matches.

The next set of pages is the uppercase letter flower pot. Place this on the flowerpot on the mat so that your children know which letter they are supposed to find.

I like to print them out, cut out each piece then laminate. I know how hard my kids can be on a piece of paper and I want this activity to last more than 5 minutes – so lamination is a must. If you choose not to laminate the flower pot mats, they could be put inside a dry erase pocket, but I would suggest laminating the flower pot and raindrop letters.

Spring ABC Games

Spring ABC Games

Not only is the prep simple, but playing is too!

Either you or your child pick an uppercase letter flower pot. Set it on the flowerpot on the mat. This is the letter that the child is to focus on.

Now it is time to mix up the lowercase letters rain drops. We have turned them upside down on a table and flipped over one at a time, seeing if they match and if not putting them in a discard pile. If they do match, place the raindrop on the flower pot mat.

You could also use the same concept but put the raindrops in a sensory bin, as a scavenger hunt around the room or how ever you would like!

Not only is this activity versatile but it is a fun way to help kids learn and reiterate lower and uppercase letters! This is a great activity for preschoolers or kindergarteners!

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Spring Upper and Lowercase Letters

Download Spring Upper and Lowercase Letters Activity

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