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20 Flower Books for Preschoolers

Spring has sprung and the flowers are blooming! We love looking at all of the flowers around our neighborhood this time of year and trying to find flowers for each color. This list of flower books for preschoolers is sure to get you in the mood for some flower gazing as well!

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Flower Books for Preschoolers

These fun-to-read Flower Books are fun to read with toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids as you explore spring and summer themes. I hope your family loves these picture book recommendations as much as my students do.

Planting a Rainbow was written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert. This colorful book is a great introduction to colors, seeds, and types of flowers. The text is large and easy to read, walking readers through the growth process. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and the different flowers are clearly labeled with their names.

The Tiny Seed was written and illustrated by Eric Carle. This story follows a tiny seed as it floats on the wind, surviving all kinds of difficult situations to finally find a place to land and sprout. The illustrations are done in Carle’s signature style of bright colorful collages.

he Flower Alphabet Book was written by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by Leslie Evans. This flower themed stroll through the alphabet pairs each letter with a different flower. The text shares the name of each flower, as well as descriptions and interesting facts about each. The realistic illustrations show each flower in beautiful detail.

Zinnia’s Flower Garden was written and illustrated by Monica Wellington. In this story, a little girl named Zinnia carefully prepares her garden and takes care of the seeds she has planted. The text walks the reader through all the steps she takes to grow her garden from seeds to plants. The brightly colored illustrations include lots of small details in the margins, encouraging little ones to explore all of the tools and parts that go into growing a successful garden.

Mrs. Peanuckle’s Flower Alphabet was written by Mrs. Peanuckle and illustrated by Jessie Ford. This alphabet book explores different flowers for each letter of the alphabet. Each page highlights a different flower, with an interesting fact and brightly colored illustration for each one. Click here for more fun alphabet books for kids!

Lola Plants a Garden was written by Anna McQuinn. Lola loves to read, and after reading poems about gardens with her mother, she is inspired to create a garden of her own. The simple text is accompanied by adorable illustrations of the little girl as she goes through the steps of growing her garden.

Miss Rumphius was written and illustrated by Barbara Cooney. This lovely book tells the story of Alice Rumphius who had dreams of traveling the world. Her grandfather encouraged her to do something to make the world more beautiful as well. The inspiring story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations that highlight the brightly colored flowers that Miss Rumphius plants.

The Gardener was written by Sarah Stewart and illustrated by David Small. When little Lydia Grace Finch travels to the city to live with her Uncle Jim, she brings a suitcase full of seeds along with her. She loves planting flowers, and she uses them to win over her Uncle. The story is told through letters written by Lydia Grace to various family members.

Flowers Are Calling was written by Rita Gray and illustrated by Kenard Pak. This story explores the relationships between flowers and the creatures of the forest. The poetic text and soft illustrations highlight the beauty of nature and the relationships in it.

I Can Grow a Flower was written by Dawn Sirett and illustrated by Claire Patane. This exploration of flowers and seeds uses simple language and brightly colored photographs and illustrations to introduce little ones to flowers and gardening.

Plant the Tiny Seed was written and illustrated by Christie Matheson. This interactive book encourages the reader to press, tap, and otherwise manipulate the pages to move the story forward. The simple text and watercolor illustrations explore the life cycle of seeds and plants, and the things that they need to grow. Click here for more interactive books for kids!

Jack’s Garden was written and illustrated by Henry Cole. This story starts with a simple sentence about a young boy and his garden. Each page then adds onto that sentence, taking the reader through all the parts of the garden. The text has a fun repeating structure and the detailed illustrations include lots of labeled images.

The Digger and the Flower was written and illustrated by Joseph Kuefler. While working and building with the other construction vehicles, Digger finds a small plant growing in the rubble. The story includes an important message about the environment, and the simple illustrations are mostly black and white, with color used specifically throughout.

Sidewalk Flowers was written by JonArno Lawson and illustrated by Sydney Smith. This wordless picture book explores the beauty of flowers and the small gesture of kindness that comes from sharing them with others. A young girl picks wildflowers while out on a walk with her distracted father, but she turns the flowers into gifts, changing the day for lots of people.

Sunflower House was written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt. In this story, a young boy plants sunflowers in a circle in his yard. As they grow, they become a sunflower house, which is a perfect hideout. The rhyming text begs to be read aloud, and the beautiful illustrations will captivate kids and adults alike, making them dream of their own sunflower houses.

Badger’s Perfect Garden was written by Marsha Diane Arnold and illustrated by Ramona Kaulitzki. This sweet story follows a little badger as he attempts to grow the perfect garden. The story shares an important lesson about being happy with what you have, even if it is not what you planned. The illustrations are full of vibrant flowers and plants, as well as adorable woodland creatures. Click here for fun gardening activities to pair with this book!

Bloom: An Ode to Spring was written by Deborah Diesen and illustrated by Mary Lundquist. This beautiful story follows a mother and daughter as they plant a garden together and watch it grow. The lyrical text is paired with colorful and delicate illustrations that highlight the beauty of the world and the relationship between mother and child.

The Curious Garden was written by Peter Brown. In a city without gardens or greenery, a young boy named Liam comes across some dying flowers and decides to help them. The inspirational story about perseverance and ecological issues is paired with striking illustrations with a vintage feel.

The Reason for a Flower: A Book About Flowers, Pollen, and Seeds was written by Ruth Heller. This informative book introduces the reader to flowers, seeds, and pollen. The simple text is accompanied by colorful illustrations of various types of flowers, as well as the birds, bees, and other insects that interact with them.

Flower Garden was written by Eve Bunting and illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt. A simple rhyming text and beautiful, lush illustrations tell the story of a young girl and her father as they create a garden together. The story follows them as they purchase the items that they need from a store, through their trip home, and their creation of a beautiful window box.

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