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Dinosaur Number Recognition Games

Be prepared for your preschooler to completely fall in love with this low prep dinosaur number recognition game for preschoolers. Roll and Cover games are always a hit for both preschooler and their teachers/parents. This one is especially a winner if you have a dinosaur lover.

FREE Dinosaur Number Recognition Games - kids will have fun practicing counting and number sense with this super cute, low prep dinosaur printable math activity for preschoolers #dinosaurprintable #preschoolmath #counting

number recognition games

Number Recognition Games

Your preschooler will work on multiple algebraic thinking skills while completing this activity. They will work on 1:1 correspondence, subitizing, and number recognition.

Adding a die adds an element of fun to any activity for kids and instantly turns it into a game. The best part is that a die has so much educational value.


  • Dinosaur Roll and Cover
  • Die
  • Small Manipulative like mini erasers

number games for preschoolers

Number Game for Preschoolers

  • Download the FREE Dinosaur Roll and Cover Template below.
  • Print the template.
  • Roll the die.
  • Count the number of dots on the die and cover the corresponding number dinosaur with a manipulative.
  • Repeat until you have covered all the numbers.


Modifications for this Activity

  • Place an equal number of manipulatives on the corresponding dinosaurs; for example, place 5 erasers on the dinosaur with the number 5 on it.


  • Laminate for durability and to use multiple times

d is for dinosaurs dinosaur math dinosaur color by number

Dinosaur Printables

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dinosaur printables

Download Dinosaur Roll and Cover Template

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