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Halloween Ghost ABC Letter Tracing Activity for Preschoolers

Kids will have so much fun learning their alphabet letter writing formation with these abc letter tracing activity perfect for Octoboer. This Ghost printable is a great way to sneak in some tracing letters as a halloween activities for preschoolers. 

Kids will have so much fun learning their alphabet letter writing formation with these abc letter tracing activity perfect for Octoboer. This Ghost printable is a great way to sneak in some tracing letters as a halloween activities for preschoolers. 

Halloween Activities for Preschoolers

Preschool kids will be working on identifying their letters and forming their letters in one activity! This works great for kids who are struggling with identifying their letters like ELL / ESL kids and intervention kids. The Halloween themed cards will spike the child’s interest as they trace the upper and lowercase letters on each card. The kids can also rainbow trace their letters, use crayons, markers or coloring pencils. To make this a versatile and re-usable activity, you can also choose to laminate the cards and have the kids use dry erase markers on the sheet as they work on their letter identification and formation skills. 

Halloween Printables

Halloween Printables

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> ________<<. The halloween printables pdf file will open in a new window for you to save freebie. This activity would be best if printed on cardstock.

  • Print on Card stock or A4 paper then Laminate. (optional)
  • Cut the cards out.¬†
  • Store them in a plastic sleeve or file folder.¬†
  • Prepare the cards for a group of students (you can print and laminate more for more groups).¬†

Halloween Theme Letter Tracing

Ghost Activity for Preschool

  • Stack the cards on the table on each center.¬†
  • Explain that they are to choose one card at a time.
  • They say the letter on the card and then trace each letter on the ‚Äėghost‚Äô card.
  • They then rainbow trace (or use markers, scented markers, colored pencils, highlighters and more) the letters on their recording sheet.¬†
  • They repeat this process until they‚Äôve colored or traced all the letters on their cards.

ABC Letter Tracing

  • You could also divide the class into two groups and create a competition using these cards. Students have to be mindful of how they trace the letters though, so proper letter tracing and formation is essential to learning. Check on each group and see which group traced their cards properly and without going outside the lines much.¬†¬†

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Practice abc letter tracing with this fun Ghost printable perfect for Octoboer. Quick and EASY halloween activities for preschoolers. 

Ghost Printable

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