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Nature Noisemaker Music Activities for Preschoolers

It is finally and officially spring. I feel like many people in the U.S. had rough winters. Between major snow or major ice, it’s been a doozy. But hopefully with the official first day of spring, the harsh winter left for good! We have had some pretty warm, comparatively, temperatures that just beg for us to go outside. So we started our spring outdoor adventures off with some fun nature activities. For this music activities for preschoolers we made Noise Makers made from things we found out in nature. This diy music instruments was such a fun music activity for kids from toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergartner age too. THis is a perfect earth day activity for kids!

music activities for preschoolers we made Noise Makers made from things we found out in nature. This diy music instruments was such a fun music activity for kids from toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergartner age too. THis is a perfect earth day activity for kids!

Music activities for preschoolers

Many kids love all things noise makers. It can get a bit crazy at times, but for a while it is fun. These homemade instruments for kids were especially fun to make! We combined a nature hunt activity with a music activities for preschoolers to create and make musice with recycled materials! This music activities for toddlers was a perfect earth day activity for celebrate how we can reuse and recycle items to creat something new! Make these diy maracas with toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners as a fun spring activity for preschoolers

Music activities for toddlers

Music activities for toddlers

This homemade percussion instruments activity is best done in conjunction with a spring, summer, or fall nature hike looking for fun treasures and intersting items. THen gather up your supplies which you probably already have on hand at home:

  • TP Roll
  • Printer Paper
  • Rubber Bands
  • Objects from nature: Mulch, pebbles, tree sprigs, leaves, etc. 

music activity for kids

Music activity for kids

This is unbelievably simple. So if you want to make 10, you could in no time at all! 

We started by going on what we like to call a nature collection walk. While I don’t like my daughter to take a ton of leaves or flowers from growing plants, it is okay to do a little. We don’t have any flowers blooming yet, but there were tons of things on the ground that we could find. Pebbles, rocks, mulch & bark, tree sprigs, dry grass, etc. These are perfect for making noise makers.

Start by cutting a piece of paper into four quadrants. This will be each end of the noise maker. You can secure one piece of paper on one end of the TP Roll. Then rubberband it tight. But not too tight that the rubber bands change the shape of the TP Roll. 

earth day activity for preschoolers

DIY music instruments

Then fill your tube with whatever objects from nature you would. One thing that is fun is to fill each tube with the same object. So one with just pebbles, one with tree sprigs, one with mulch, etc. This way the sounds are the same and you can compare the sounds that are made based on what the object is. It is also fun to combine all of the things into one tube and see what noise you can make. Have fun with it.

DIY music instruments

You don’t want to fill your tube too much because you want the objects to have space to move around as you shake it. If it’s too full, it won’t make as much noise.

Once your tube is full, secure a second piece of paper onto the end with rubber bands. Now it looks like a drum, doesn’t it? Even if not – it’s okay. If the ends are secure, you’re ready to shake! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE! My daughter squealed with excitement as we shook our noise makers and danced around on the grass! It felt so nice to be outside with the sun shining down and not be freezing! 

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Music for Kids

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