Snow Storm In A Jar

Get ready for a fun, not-so-chilly winter activity for kids! This fun to make snow storm in a jar is a fun project for toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten age students. With a couple simple materials you will be ready to whip up a snowstorm in a jar that will amaze your kids and delight Mom who would probably rather not head out into the January cold!

Get ready for a fun, not-so-chilly winter activity for kids! This fun to make snow storm in a jar is a fun project for toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten age students. With a couple simple materials you will be ready to whip up a snowstorm in a jar that will amaze your kids and delight Mom who would probably rather not head out into the January cold!

Storm In A Jar

I don’t think there is much more magic in this world than a snow storm. It’s absolutely beautiful, especially when I don’t have to go drive in it. Sitting in the window watching the flakes fall and blow or watching my kids playing in it has to be some of the top moments of life. Luckily for us, we were able to recreate this magic in a jar for a winter science experiment. We call this the Snow Storm In A Jar. 

It is fun to watch the snow in the jar, it’s almost like a winter themed lava lamp. My kids loved it and honestly so did I! This is an easy to prep experiment, is basically mess free, and pretty inexpensive too.

Snow Storm In A Jar

This fun to try winter lava lamp requires just a few simple materials. You may even have them already on hand! You’ll need:

  • Water
  • Baby Oil
  • Alka Seltzer
  • White Paint
  • Sequins and/or Glitter
  • Clear Jar

snow activity for kids
Snow Activities for Kids

Start by filling the first quarter of your jar with water. Add in a dollop of white paint. You don’t want too much, but enough than when mixed it mimics the consistency and color of milk.

winter activity for kids
Next, if you are adding in glitter or sequins, this is when it should be done. This is optional, the white paint will look like snow enough BUT the glitter and sequins makes the magic even more intense.

Next, fill rest of the bottle with baby oil. We left about an inch at the top empty in case it started fizzing a bit extra. Wait until the water and oil separate from each other and settle.

winter activity for preschoolers

Winter Activity for Kids

When you are ready to see this preschool winter activity in action, break apart an alka seltzer tablet and drop them into the jar. It will fizz and foam and then after that settles down, the paint and glitter will start dancing in the jar. It looks like a snow storm.

snow globe craft
It’s sparkly, beautiful and so incredible to watch.

Nothing spilled over for us, but just in case, we also put a tray underneath the jar.

winter craft for kids

Snow GLobe Craft

To extend this activity, we got a piece of paper and colored pencils out and my daughter drew a snow storm that looked like the one in the jar.

This is something that we may even do with yellow paint in the summer to be a sun storm, because it was that fun to watch. 

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Winter Activities for Kids

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Winter Printables

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Snowman Printables

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