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Ladybug Counting Mats

Kids love playing outside in the Spring. We often find lots of ladybugs flying around in the garden which our kids love to watch. These cute Ladybug Counting Mats are a fun activity for kids to learn and practice counting to ten this Spring.

FREE Ladybug Counting Mats - these are such a fun preschool counting activity perfect for hands on math in the spring or summer. #counting #preschool #kindergarten

Ladybug Counting Mats

These mats are easy to prepare, just download, print, laminate or place in a page protector and you are ready to play with these Ladybug Counting Mats. They  are so much fun for little ones to practice learning to count to ten as well as learning to write the numbers. They can use playdough to recreate the large number as well as to count using the ten frames. If they choose, they can also use counters, pom poms, small ladybug erasers or jellybeans to help them count using the ten frames. Children will have a great time learning to count to ten while working on their hand and finger muscles by rolling the dough.

Preschool Counting Activity

Preschool Counting Activity

Each of these Ladybug Counting Mats contain a picture of a ladybug with a large number on them. This number can be traced with a marker (dry erase if laminated) or a crayon. Children can create this number out of playdough as well.

Math Activities for Preschoolers

Math Activities for Preschoolers

The number of the mat is also written in dotted format for children to trace, working on their handwriting skills. The third and final activity on these mats is a ten frame. There are ladybugs in the ten frame to help children learn to count. As they place a marker or ball of playdough on each ladybug, children can learn and build their counting skills.

HINT: Try using our Amazing Kool Aid Playdough Recipe for an easy, wonderful smelling playdough with your spring shape playdough mats! Or, if you want to try a different recipe, create your own  super smooth playdough or relaxing playdough.

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